Unwrapping technology

Tue, 28 Jul Jessie Chusid, Amgad Makaryus, and Karen Lisk of North Shore volunteered their time and services to scan four of the oldest patients they had ever encountered. The mummies on board were from various periods dating from the Third Intermediate Period B. The trip was smooth and the CT scans went without trouble.

Unwrapping technology

Science Advances A new systematic digital analysis technique has made it possible to read a 1,year-old Dead Sea Scroll that was ravaged by fire about 1, years ago. Researchers used high resolution and virtual unwrapping to recover substantial ink-based texts at high quality.

They recreated over a hundred scanned segments of the Unwrapping technology by hand, piece by piece, in order to unveil the text written on each segment. Lead scientist, William Brent Seales said the "magic" is not only in the scanning process.

It looks for changes in brightness on the surface identified as pages. These areas now appear brighter on a scanner. This is now viewable as a 2D image for visualization purposes.

According to the research, this process is necessary because the geometric model may be difficult to visualize as an image. The final step is merging and visualization. This is where the individually segmented mesh sections are reconciled into a composite master view.

This final step is significant to check the individual regions' correctness and relative alignments. It also helps in composing small sections into a single master view. The process resulted in an image of unrolled scroll containing 35 lines of text.

He shall lay his hand upon the head However, it was ravaged by fire at around circa CE Common Era. The IAA preserved the damaged and fragile scroll fragments. The scroll contains the Book of Leviticus written in Hebrew.

Let us know in the comments section below. Submit Correction Thank You Your correction has been received and will be reviewed as soon as possible. International Business Times Philippines welcomes your feedback on any item that warrants correction.Dec 22,  · With all our communication technology, our sons can actually share Christ around the globe.

Let them write a poem, a song, a speech, or a scene and post it somewhere online for them. Encourage feedback from those who see it, so your boys can see that today’s technology can be used not just for fun, but to further the Gospel.

As the unwrapping of technology standards continues this report will evaluate how technology is performing in the average classroom to elevate teaching and learning.

Discussion in reference to the skill level with technology and the requirements that may be . Heeding technology’s cry to “get connected” can result in overloaded circuits of the mind. Frenetic connections cause frazzled lives.

Unwrapping technology

"Unwrapping Wonder: Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature" will restore the reader's soul as they step outside to cultivate a connection with creation and, in the process, deepen their relationship with the Creator. Scientists use 'virtual unwrapping' to read ancient biblical scroll reduced to 'lump of charcoal' this type of technology will become more and more available in the future, potentially.

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Unwrapping technology

Process, Fit, and Appearance Analysis of Three-Dimensional to Two-Dimensional Automatic Pattern Unwrapping Technology.

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