Read write and think biocube lighting

Makes me feel like I'm reading a well written novel! Sometimes I'm bad about not updating, and I think it would probably be better if I did lots of smaller updates, but its hard to find the time to take pictures, upload, then type it all up ya know?

Read write and think biocube lighting

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Red Serpent Star, pred. I have always gotten great advice from you in the past and have used WWM as a primary resource for years. I don't test for anything else. I figure regular water changes take care of everything else.

The newer of the 2 was set up in I also have a Red Serpent Star - Ophioderma squamosissimus, I think, along with several smaller serpent stars and a bunch of micro brittles and Asterinasa variety of snails, and more amphipods and copepods than can be counted.

The refugium has a Diamond Goby to stir the sand, and all the cool little things that just seem to appear in a tank over the years. A couple months ago, an Orange Back Fairy Wrasse that I had had for many years died, and before I could get it out, the red serpent had engulfed it.

I didn't really see the need, at that point, of depriving it of a meal, so I left it be. As wrasses do, it hid for a couple days. Do you think The Red Serpent has decided to follow in it's green cousins footsteps? I don't really want to trade it in either.

What would you do if it were yours? Being an avid reader of WWM, I have learned to quarantine everything - so in this case I placed it into a small 5G tank with light and circulation. This was even more important in this case since my friend told me his tank was still recovering from "some sort of bug".

It has been in quarantine for six days now, how long would you keep the Chaetomorpha in quarantine? Move the Chaeto in now or not? If so, would you give it a dip in freshwater or anything like that for extra safety?

read write and think biocube lighting

Bristle worms and two mini-sea stars. I am removing the bristle worms I find as I understand they are undesirable for a reef tank, correct?

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In looking through many pictures, I am almost positive they are Brittle Stars my belief is that they are Ophiothrix, not sure if Ophiothrix purpurea, suensonii or something else. The actual size is about 0.Jun 06,  · I also decided to pickup a lighting upgrade for the biocube.

I found a site that offers a retrofit PC system that adds an additional 2 PC's to the stock PC's for a total of W of PC light. It also includes an upgrade to 5 LED moonlights that are independentally controlable. Summarizing information is an important postreading and prewriting activity that helps students synthesize what they have learned.

The interactive Cube Creator offers four options: Bio Cube. Mystery Cube. Story Cube. Create-Your-Own Cube. Students can save their draft cubes to revise later. Apr 01,  · Plan on spending at least dollars or more on this setup. The biocube alone, with the stand, is over Live rock and the biocube skimmer will be very expensive as well, then you have livestock, sand, salt mix, a hydrometer, a calcium supplement, and a Resolved.

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NexTag. Jun 16,  · If you want to start a new thread, we can get this figured out. With the people who have come onto the scene since the biocube generation (about the time that Nemo got hot), people just know media and reactors and not really biology and chemistry.

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