Iif and quateams creating a custom

In the FirstName and LastName fields of the four records, enter any names you want. Now, open the table in Datasheet view.

Iif and quateams creating a custom

What do you want to do?

Value String Functions Combine more than one field by using concatenation operators and Visual Basic constants.

The following expression returns two fields, each on a separate line in the same text box: Value Format dates and numbers in a string with the Format function.

The following expression displays values of the StartDate and EndDate parameters in long date format: Value, "D" If the text box contains only a date or number, you should use the Format property of the text box to apply formatting instead of the Format function within the text box.

Value - InStr Parameters! The following example uses the Join function to concatenate the selected values of the parameter MySelection into a single string that can be set as an expression for the value of a text box in a report item: Value The following example does the same as the above example, as well as displays a text string prior to the list of selected values.

RegularExpressions are useful for changing the format of existing strings, for example, formatting a telephone number. The following expression uses the Replace function to change the format of a ten-digit telephone number in a field from "nnn-nnn-nnnn" to " nnn nnn-nnnn": Value has no extra spaces and is of type String.

Lookup By specifying a key field, you can use the Lookup function to retrieve a value from a dataset for a one-to-one relationship, for example, a key-value pair. Value, "Product" LookupSet By specifying a key field, you can use the LookupSet function to retrieve a set of values from a dataset for a one-to-many relationship.

For example, a person can have multiple telephone numbers. In the following example, assume the dataset PhoneList contains a person identifier and a telephone number in each row.

LookupSet returns an array of values. The following expression combines the return values into a single string and displays the list of telephone numbers for the person specified by ContactID: Value, "PhoneList" ,"," Conversion Functions You can use Visual Basic functions to convert a field from the one data type to a different data type.

Conversion functions can be used to convert the default data type for a field to the data type needed for calculations or to combine text. The following expression converts the constant to type Decimal in order to compare it to a Transact-SQL money data type in the Value field for a filter expression.

Count Decision Functions The Iif function returns one of two values depending on whether the expression is true or not. The following expression uses the Iif function to return a Boolean value of True if the value of LineTotal exceeds Otherwise it returns False: The following expression can be placed in the fill color of a text box to change the background color depending on the value in the text box.

Iif and quateams creating a custom

A different way to get the same functionality uses the Switch function. The Switch function is useful when you have three or more conditions to test. The Switch function returns the value associated with the first expression in a series that evaluates to true: Test the value of the ImportantDate field and return "Red" if it is more than a week old, and "Blue" otherwise.

This expression can be used to control the Color property of a text box in a report item: This expression can be used to control the value of a text box in a report item. Value Test the value of the Department field and return either a subreport name or a null Nothing in Visual Basic.

This expression can be used for conditional drillthrough subreports. This expression can be used to control the Hidden property of an image report item. In the following example, the image specified by the field [LargePhoto] is displayed only if the value of the field is not null. Value ,True,False The MonthName function returns a string value containing the name of the specified month.

The following example displays NA in the Month field when the field contains the value of 0. Value Report Functions In an expression, you can add a reference to additional report functions that manipulate data in a report. This section provides examples for two of these functions.

Sum The Sum function can total the values in a group or data region.In this movie, Adam begins writing custom conditional statements using the Expression Builder in Access.

The Expression Builder will help ensure that proper syntax is used and provides easy access to help documentation if needed. At the end of the movie, a query is created that determines employee bonus amounts that are awarded to top performers. About Dave Gordon Dave Gordon is a project manager with over twenty five years of experience in implementing human capital management and payroll systems, including SaaS solutions like Workday and premises-based ERP solutions like PeopleSoft and ADP Enterprise.

Using Custom Code in SSRS. Like This Blog 4. Added by Peter Avila December 15, Our expression nests IIF() functions to implement Else-If logic that is implemented much more clearly as a block structure in code (a block structure is one that occupies more than one line of code).

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