How to write a training montage rocky

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How to write a training montage rocky

December 12, Izzy, As someone who is deeply involved in experimental filmmaking practices and who studied the montage theory specifically. I believe your definition may be a bit flawed. Putting an arrangement of footage to music is a rhythmic montage.

There are in fact, may other types of montages…. It is a science as well as an art, so I believe the term is being degraded in your post. As soon as you mentioned suggestions I have to roll my eyes, because adding an interview no longer makes it a montage video. It is a documentary with a montage sequence in it.

No longer is it a montage film. There are in fact, five different kinds of montages. Anyone who is as much of an editor as me knows that the five kinds are: Metric Editing, where the tempo of the film is shown through the length of the shot.

In a Metric Montage, the story is emphasized through the speed of the edits in comparison to the length of the shot. A rhythmic montage is what you were describing, footage cut specifically in rhythm to a segment of music.

Stylistically, it is how one transitions between beat shifts that makes a great rhythmic montage, your suggestions, in fact, would do more harm than good. In the case of a voiceover, it is best used with a metric montage. I would say that great transition and storytelling theory would help the best here.

You touched on it, but honestly, that was the most important advice you could give. Which is usually a montage killer if the writing is bad, which most of the time, it is. There is also a Tonal Montage. Where the lighting, shadows, and colors of the footage aid in the telling of the story, and not the visuals or even sound design themselves.

None of your suggestions could improve on cinematography, which is the key to a great Montage in the first place.

Imagery moves the story, no shot should stand out from another unintentionally. Everything needs to be well exposed and consistent in that exposure between a sequence of edits. Color correction would be a key suggestion there to add.


The Over-Tonal Method is the first three combined. All of these done with a holistic view would be in my definition, a great montage video. A high level of metaphor will emphasize any auditorial element more powerfully than anything else.

how to write a training montage rocky

Slow-Motion, in fact, adds emphasis to a point. In fact, it looks mostly at audio additions. Nothing was mentioned about soundscapes or sound design. The last, and final type of montage is the intellectual montage. My short film was an attempt at that type of montage, which in fact was screened at the Hollywood Short Film Festival and nominated for best Cinematography.

This genre is designed to offer an intellectual stimulation. Where how the footage makes you feel is the way the story is told. The arrangement to all of the elements prior including sounds combined to give an intellectual experience, where one has to jumble the pieces together to find meaning.

Particularly in regards to how the piece makes you feel. There is nothing linear about it. Never is there an interview. It is about a conceptual connection.May 29,  · Particular 80s movies with training montages. I remember growing up as a kid, I felt like you could master anything with a sweet guitar rift and a few minutes edited together screen time.

One of the best montages was Rocky IV. Rocky goes to Russia to fight Ivan Drago. Drago trains with technology and steriods. Rocky trains in a barn. Apr 19,  · This is all intercut (still in montage) with Drago training at a state of the art lab, all connected to machines and shit.

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Like proper futuristic. We even see Rocky climb a literal mountain at the end. Sep 13,  · Rocky IV – The Anti-Cyberpunk Movie Neuromancer is counter to American tastes of the s because of the way the book regards bodies as secondary to brains and the refusal of the protagonist to change in any way.

Rocky IV is another s, pop-culture artifact that serves as a counterpoint to Neuromancer. Apr 17,  · There are few moments in cinematic history as iconic as the training montage in the Rocky movies.

how to write a training montage rocky

It seems no one knows this better than little Charlie Magilavy, who has a . Nov 01,  · Put these six training tips to action starting today and watch your new-found strength and athleticism leave the competition in the dust.

Join over k subscribers who receive weekly workouts, diet plans, videos and expert guides from Muscle & Strength. Find a Reading/Writing Buddy; Training Montage in Rocky. Rocky Balboa isn’t a smart man even if Creed himself is too busy with the “business” of boxing to pay attention.

Finally, we see Rocky’s training pay off and he becomes the best that he can and a worthy opponent to Creed, instead of the also-ran Creed assumed he would be.

Dolph Lundgren "Ivan Drago" Weight Training for ROCKY IV | Rippeder