Burroughs wellcome company retrovir kerin

By Celia Farber Spin Nov. They had been asked by the FDA to consider giving lightning-quick approval to a highly toxic drug about which there was very little information. Clinically called Zidovudine, but nicknamed AZT after its components, the drug was said to have shown a dramatic effect on the survival of AIDS patients.

Burroughs wellcome company retrovir kerin

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Burroughs wellcome company retrovir kerin

New-offering development, life-cycle management, product or service positioning, branding decisions, brand equity, brand growth strategies, and brand valuation are emphasized.

Decisions concerned with communications objectives, strategy, budgeting, programming, and effectiveness are addressed. In addition, sales management issues and the challenge of leveraging advertising and personal selling with marketing Web sites are highlighted.

Specific decision areas covered include direct versus indirect distribution, dual distribution and multi-channel marketing, cost-benefit analysis of channel choice and management, and marketing channel conflict and coordination.

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Emphasis is placed on marketing program decisions for new and existing products and services, including issues related to marketing-mix interactions, marketing program implementation, and marketing organization This text is available for personalization in the PHCBR custom database program.Burroughs Wellcome began research in , developed Retrovir and began clinical trials on humans in (Kerin & Peterson, ).

The FDA cleared Burroughs to market Retrovir in , as the first and only authorized treatment for AIDS. Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments: International Edition, 11/E Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Roger A.

Kerin. Peak Garage Door, Inc. Roger A. Kerin Burroughs Wellcome Company: Retrovir Roger A.

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Kerin and Angela Bullard. Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for . For courses in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, and Strategic Marketing.

Burroughs wellcome company retrovir kerin

This best-selling text is dedicated to the development of decision-making skills in marketing. It introduces concepts and tools useful in structuring and solving marketing problems, while extensive class-tested case.

Burroughs Wellcome Company, estimated annual cost to the Medicaid system of between $ and $ million in (Kerin & Peterson, ). Several pharmaceutical companies, including Burroughs Wellcome, were in the race to produce an effective drug to combat HIV and AIDS.

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Transcript of Burroughs Wlcome Company: Retrovir. THOUGHTS AND CONCERNS? Burroughs Wellcome Company: Retrovir By: Ilya Leyzerov Stephen Mulloy Toju Ometoruwa Enrique Rivera REDUCING THE PRICE BY 20% -Burroughs Wellcome were the first to introduce drug thats effective against HIV.

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Burroughs Wellcome in the USA and the Wellcome Trust